How to implement a nodes type with IDs args in absinthe?

I have checked the documents and the absinthe book, but not found example.

Just like GitHub’s api, if I input this query:

query {
  nodes(ids:["MDU6SXNzdWUxMzkzNTM2OTg=", "MDU6SXNzdWUxMzkyMDkwOTc="]) {
    ... on Issue {

It returns two issues of absinthe’s issue:

  "data": {
    "nodes": [
        "id": "MDU6SXNzdWUxMzkzNTM2OTg=",
        "body": "Similar to `Node.from_global_id`, support a mechanism to parse out internal IDs from cursor values. While the cursors are opaque to the client, IDs may be needed to support accessing data from backends.\n"
        "id": "MDU6SXNzdWUxMzkyMDkwOTc=",
        "body": "As is explained here:\n\nFor the initial release we only support the equivalent of `connectionFromArray` -- we need to support a lazy data structure that will allow us to work with databases _without_ loading all the data and simply discarding the parts we don't want. I think we can do this in Elixir more gracefully than the `connectionFromArraySlice` approach.\n"

I think using nodes as a name is an issue…

I do remember I had to specify an alternate name to make it work.

I did not change the database, but used another name in the schema.

Well, that’s the experience I had using Absinthe :slight_smile:

BTW I see You are using relay, so You are also using node interface…

Do you recommend Apollo? But many articles recommend node interface even if they don’t use the Relay.js on the frontend.

This is supported by the package.

I use Relay Modern on the frontend because I use React.

But Apollo is more an universal client.

Yes, ben. Thanks for your work. Implementing a node interface when use Absinthe.Relay.Node is very easy, but I’m asking how to implement a nodes query filed.

Because the node macro resolver function have two params, the first is a tuple, we can use it to check the current type. But the normal field resolvers functions have three params.

if I add nodes query field like this:

    node field do
      resolve fn
        %{type: :course, id: local_id}, _ ->
          {:ok, Repo.get(Core.Course, local_id)}

        %{type: :package, id: local_id}, _ ->
          {:ok, Repo.get(Core.Package, local_id)}

        %{type: :card, id: local_id}, _ ->
          {:ok, Repo.get(Core.Card, local_id)}
        _, _ ->
          {:error, "Unknown node"}

    field :nodes, list_of(:node) do
      arg :ids, list_of(non_null(:id))
      resolve fn
        # add something to check the type and parse the ids

how do I check the current type in nodes field?