How to implement Chunked HTTP Uploads using ex_aws_s3 and UpChunk for AWS S3 Bucket

Hi guys,

I am trying to implement chunked http uploads using ex_aws_s3 and UpChunk.

I am following the documentation:

But I don’t know how to configure the method presign_upload to gererate the aws s3 link with the upload id using ex_aws_s3:

defp presign_upload(entry, socket) do
  {:ok, %{"Location" => link}} =
      "uploadType" => "resumable",
      "x-upload-content-length" => entry.client_size

  {:ok, %{uploader: "UpChunk", entrypoint: link}, socket}

How can i generate the link to the entrypoint for uploading large files using ex_aws_s3 working with UpChunk?

I tried to find it on Google and in the ex_aws_s3 documentation but it is not clear in the documentation.

Thank you for the help.