How to implement Sharing Social Media Meta Tags?

How to correctly implement the Social Media Meta tag with Pheonix framework? I didn’t see anywhere guide for sharing content on the social media platform.
Following things, I have implemented on my own-

<a href="<%= get_formatted_share_link(@conn, @job_opening, @host, @user) %>"></a>

app.html.eex (I have added same below code in job_card.html.eex but Title and description was not passing to facebook)

<meta property="og:title" content="Testing Job">
<meta property="og:description" content="Testing Job des">

What steps I am missing? Also, I need to pass same things on the Twitter and Linkedin. Your response will be highly appreciable.

use the “debuggers”/validators… NB you also need to cache bust(rescrape) in some of the tools for your experimental changes to show up…

then later on:


Thanks man, these post inspector help me alot.

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Did you build out the share links or was a package used?
I have to implement a similar solution and I am looking for a starting point.