How to Include the ash_paper_trail Library in mix.exs?

Hi there,

I’m interested in using the ash_paper_trail library, but after checking the, I couldn’t find information on how to include it in my project’s mix.exs file. Could you provide guidance on this? Additionally, I’m curious about whether it’s ready for immediate use.

Wow, I didn’t realize until just now that we haven’t released ash_paper_trail on hex. @rgraff has been using it quite heavily and has done lots of excellent work on it. He would be the best person to ask WRT production readiness. I’ll get a release cut to hex.

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I’ve just cut a release to hex :slight_smile:

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@dongwooklee96 I’ve been using it in production for the last 6 months. It’s stable.

Because it’s hasn’t been released on hex, I’ve pointed my mix.exs at my fork on github.

{:ash_paper_trail, github: "rgraff/ash_paper_trail", branch: "main"}

@zachdaniel it’s ready for release to hex. :slight_smile:


Thank you for your hard work

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