How to install Elixir 1.11.3-otp-23 and Erlang 23.1.1 on Ubuntu 23.10?

Hey everyone!

I’ve been trying to install Elixir 1.11.3-otp-23 and Erlang 23.1.1 on Ubuntu 23.10
and I would like to know if there is someone that already made or solve it.

As I try to install asdf install erlang 23.1.1, I receive the message Build Failed
Also, I read the message Probe failed for libncurses5-dev on log and seems that this lib was removed from Ubuntu 23.10

Did you already experiment something similar with it?

Thank you

These are some fine vintages of Elixir and OTP, both released ~3 years before Ubuntu 23.10.

I can’t offer any good solution of patching Ubuntu 23.10 for that, but what you could do is:

  • Check out a more stable Linux repo. Debian might be a good fit as it has slower release cadence and longer maintenance period. OR
  • Wrap both OTP and Elixir in a Docker container. Docker supports an official image with OTP 23, but alas not Elixir 1.11 (1.12 is the lowest on the website: Docker). Nothing prevents you from forking the OTP 23 image and installing Elixir 1.11 on it.

EDIT: The setup beam action on Github lists Ubuntu 20.04 as the one you’d need for OTP 23: GitHub - erlef/setup-beam: Set up your BEAM-based GitHub Actions workflow (Erlang, Elixir, Gleam, ...)

Hey guys!
I solve the problem following this: