How to install Evision(elixir) opencv for vs code

I want to work on image processing using elixir and as of now I come to know about Evision library which is used for image processing and is based on OpenCV.

But how to install it and and how to get started with it i dont know.

and where i can get some material about the syantx and the features of Evision with elixir.

can anyone tell me the whole process?

Did you try the installation instructions?

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Well, what did You try?

There seems to be a lot of people wanting to use eVision… all with the same question.

Because of


I went through this installation and did the first two steps
which are : $ mix new my_app
and : Then you can add evision as dependency in your mix.exs.

      def deps do
          {:evision, "~> 0.1.9"}

so after doing this i got this :

: also Added this thing in mix.exs

and after this i am not able to understand to process of installation

You need to get the dependencies. See this section of the getting started guide: External Dependencies. Make sure you run this from the same directory that contains the mix.exs file.

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Did you go through the official Mix tutorial?

Very interesting idea. However, if it is a prized and timed limited competition, then shouldn’t all external help considered cheating? Imagine someone at the chess tournament and bring out their phone to consult an engine …

actually after going through the link i was only able to understand some part most of the part was going over head, :sweat_smile: but I again tried to understand it but but didnt getting it.
what i did isn’t enough or I have to do somthing more complicated things?

Running normal scripts of elixir on vs code is easy but
what i just need is to install Evision library and use it in a script.

There is a huge cheating scandal in chess at the moment :slight_smile:

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I know, it is part of the reason I brought it up. It is one thing to help people with their work related problem; although there is money involved, at least no one is being disadvantaged. However, if this is a competition, and there are honest people spending time learning all the stuff from publicly available resource, yet someone asked the person who knows and gain an advantage, that is not fair.


I went through some installation process provided by our mentor and i think i have done my installation.

but problem is they showed us how to use it in : iex -S mix
not how to run it in a script.

So I run the command : mix help
and Got this

mix release           # Assembles a self-contained release
mix release.init      # Generates sample files for releases
mix run               # Starts and runs the current application
mix test              # Runs a project's tests
mix test.coverage     # Build report from exported test coverage
mix xref              # Prints cross reference information
iex -S mix            # Starts IEx and runs the default task

Here what is the diffrence between normal iex and this iex -S mix
i have shared a video link provided by our mentor regarding this : Link of video

That’s not it. mix has a dedicated command to fetch all dependencies you have in the mix.exs file. Use that.

How to use Evision.divide(scale,scr2) ? I am trying to pass a grayscale image and setting the scale at 255 but its giving segmentation fault!

I moved the post to the existing request for e-yantra homework.

You might have more chance to get an answer if You provide the steps You have already done.

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