How to integrate whatsapp chatbot and services on elixir phoenix app

Currently i am looking how to integrate whatsapp services on elixir, reading on twilio but would like suggestion on others i can try currently to integrate whatsapp services and whatsapp chatbot to an application, to be able to receive otp code from the whatsapp assistant and be able to ask for direction on the services provided from the chatbot

Hi @bennydreamtech23 what have you read so far on the subect? Have you tried anything?

Sorry for the late reply used Twilio deps before but now trying to use WhatsApp business API. Trying to understand how to use graphql

I think my original question still applies here. What specifically have you read and what have you tried so far in code?

i read and got a github repo on absinthe but still lacking knowledge on how to use it

Let’s start at the beginning. Have you written any Elixir code at all? Have you built a basic Phoenix project?

Help me understand this better.

#1 Do you have an elixir app currently or this is a new app?

#2 By integrate something with whatsapp services I assume you are in need of learning their API.

#3 I’m not really sure what you mean by “reading on twilio” either way I also assume you will be need to learn their API

#4 Building a chat bot. This is big nebulous question and there are probably books worth of information already out there on this. So working out this one will likely take you some time if you are new to the idea. And there maybe better ways to learn this if you are new

I am new to the idea, i want to use whatsapp business api to integrate whatsapp service and build a chatbot in the application that will be powered by whatsapp

Yes i have

It seems from this discussion that there might be a perception, which could be entirely mistaken, that you haven’t yet fully explored solutions to your problem. This might be why you’ve been asked about what resources you’ve consulted and what steps you’ve taken so far.

To dispel any such doubts, it would be beneficial to provide more comprehensive responses about your approach to the problem, including relevant code samples if applicable.

Doing so will help others understand exactly where you are in your process, enabling them to guide you more effectively to the next step. After all, it’s rare to find individuals who are willing to do all the work for you (not that I’m suggesting that’s what you’re seeking). However, you’re more likely to receive helpful responses if your questions are more specific.

Furthermore, if you’re struggling to find documentation or a book on a particular topic, don’t hesitate to ask for reading suggestions. It demonstrates your commitment to doing the work and willing to learn! But, outlining your problem in detail and pinpointing your specific challenges can save you both time and effort.


As for me, I’m also exploring a crm for facebook messenger. It seems like these tools can totally transform how we connect with users, right?

As for me, I’m also exploring a crm for facebook messenger. It seems like these tools can totally transform how we connect with users, right?

Anyway, if you’re diving into this, I’d suggest starting with some solid libraries or APIs that handle messaging and webhooks smoothly. Keeping it seamless is key! And hey, don’t forget the fun part—customizing responses and adding those quirky bot personalities. People love that stuff!

If anyone’s got tips or experiences to share, drop 'em here. Let’s crack this integration puzzle together!