How to learn to build a modern API Client in Elixir


I want to implement a Trading Order Engine.
Therefore I have to build an API Client in Elixir for bybit (Crypto Exchange).

The goal actually would be to have an API Client abstraction layer, so the order engine actually could perform the order on basically “any” exchange, and only adaptors would have to be implemented, but the API for the interface remains the same, place and manage orders.

My take is to build a message driven, event sourced system in the backend, with a graphQL websocket client for a PWA / liveview / react UI in the frontend.

Does anybody has some good hints / clues, dos and don’ts which I can dig myself into, to build a modern application?


every help is highly appreciated!

Poeticoding’s build a cryptocurrency dashbboard is a course you are probably looking for to extrapolate ideas from.

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