How to model a queue and consumer with GenServer?

I’m building a system which must have a queue and a kind of consumer, that will consume the events of the queue and remove them only if succeeds.

I’m thinking about model the queue and the consumer as different gen servers:

Queue process: Handle insert, get first event and delete operations
Consumer process: Handle consume operation (series of steps over the event data, which may fail)

Both processes have a 1:1 relationship, which means a specific queue has only one consumer and the consumer only consumes from one queue.

The consumer will call it self periodically, requesting to consume an event! This processes consist in a series of calls to the queue process, ultimately removing the event from the queue.

I’m currently thinking about some decisions:

1 - Would be useful to separate the registration of both process under two different Registry?
2 - Since consumer do not make sense without a queue, and the consumer can crash more easily, I was thinking if the Queue process could supervise the consumer process, thoughts on this?

How would you guys solve it, have some repository which implements something similar?

Producer, Consumer… => GenStage

And other related tools, like Flow and Broadway. in case of error, it could be pushed into an error queue.

It’s nice to build something like this, but GenStage allow creation of pipeline of Producer, Consumer/Producer, Consumer with back pressure support.