How to notify changes on apis on a microservice environment?

Given a microservice environment, how to notify the changes from one api to other? Today i’m working in a company that has this environment with lots and lots of microservices and it’s a hell because all the apis that need content from another api do polling all the time.

I think i’m gonna do anything with Elixir to solve this, but still don’t know what. What you guys suggest? Something ready? There is something like this alredy? Use something like Kafka?

Sounds like a variation to the Reach-in Reporting AntiPattern - the proposed solution is the Asynchronous Event Pushing. There is a wide variety of technologies that can by used for that.

Something ready?

You give no description of the details in the problem space so it would be difficult to make any specific recommendations. Conceptually any publish-subscribe scheme would enable provider services to notify consumer services that a relevant change has occurred - so that the consumers wouldn’t have to poll the providers. But depending on the circumstances you may wish to publish the updated data with the event, instead of simply indicating that the data has changed.

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