How to output string containing new line character in eex template?


I writing a little code generator and have the following question.
I have a variable containing the string:
str = "Foo\nBar"
The string is read from a text file in this form not a literal declared in elixir.
If I have
x = "<%= %>"
in my eex template I get
x = “Foo
but I wont
x = “Foo\nBar”

How do I do this?

How about <%= raw str %>?

It seems that raw is part of phoenix. For my lib it would be not planed to depend on phoenix. I checked the implementation but this gets translated to {:save, str} which is also not plain eex.

raw depends only on Phoenix.HTML, which is a separate library that only performs the HTML-rendering functionality of Phoenix. So there is no need to depend on the whole Phoenix webserver.

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If you’re using HTML then this will apply for presenting your data with line breaks read by HTML inside of forms. (How to use the raw specified above^)

You can create new input helpers, editing only slightly what phoenix has in their accepted releases.

defmodule FulfillmentCart.Helpers.FormHelpers do
  alias Phoenix.HTML.Form
  import Phoenix.HTML
  import Phoenix.HTML.Tag

   def textarea(form, field, opts \\ []) do
    opts =
      |> Keyword.put_new(:id, input_id(form, field))
      |> Keyword.put_new(:name, input_name(form, field))

    {value, opts} = Keyword.pop(opts, :value, input_value(form, field))
    content_tag(:textarea, ["\n", html_escape(value || "")], opts)

This is source code copied from [Phoenix Master Branch].

Simply change the way your data is returned to the page from escaped data to raw data, like this:

content_tag(:textarea, ["\n", html_escape(value || "")], opts)
content_tag(:textarea, ["\n", value |> raw, opts)

and implement the custom helper into your template just like you would any other textarea

(phoenix_html/form.ex at master · phoenixframework/phoenix_html · GitHub)