How to post data in a url

how do i post data to a url with its parameters eg

i want to pick the fields client, pass, message and phone from the db and pass them to a function like

def send_msg(entry) do
     {:ok, url} ->
          options = [
            hackney: [basic_auth: {url.client, url.pass}],
            ssl: [verify: :verify_none]]

   {:ok, post_params} = prepare_request_params(entry, url)

      case, post_params, headers, options) do

            {:ok, %HTTPoison.Response{status_code: 200, body: body}} ->


def prepare_request_params(entry, url) do
        "username" => "#{url.client}",
        "password" => "#{url.pass}",
        "recipient" =>  ["#{}"],
        "message" =>   "#{entry.message}"

The short answer is you can’t. POST request is created for hiding its body. And it’s hard to understand how will you use it, since code is invalid. I’m pretty sure you need something different than using url parameters in post request. Explain what do you need to achieve in a bigger scale.

If you build your url inside your app, you don’t need to interpolate username and pass to it, transfer them separately.

i am sending bulk messages and my sms vendor’s structure for sending messenges requires its done like this

Aside: this is a very strange construction. Don’t use the ! version of Poison.encode if you want an :ok tuple as a return value. Just take away the ! and you’ll get an :ok tuple. (Also, Poison is an old library not much used for new code these days).


Is maintained by you or is it external resource?

what do you recommend I use in place of poison.

it is maintained by an external resource. do note that is the not actual vendors link am connecting to. its just an example link.

I would check the requirements of API. Are you sure that they need url parameters in url for post request with doubling it inside POST body? May be it’s GET, or they don’t need params in url?