How to post in our new Polls section

Polls are a great way to easily get a snapshot of things, and we’ve had some really interesting polls over the years!

Here are some tips on posting them:

  • Ensure the polls are neutral, both in terms of wording of the question and wording of the options
  • Try to cover all eventualities
  • Do not use the ‘show on answer’ option (as some people may just be curious and forcing them to answer just to get the results could give you bad results)
  • Use the ‘show who voted’ option
  • If it’s possible people may be able to legitimately choose more than option, allow it (up to 3 is usually good). Otherwise simply state something like ‘the one you use most’ or 'your primary…"

You cannot edit polls once they have been posted, so make sure you properly review it before committing. If you have any questions or are not sure which options to include, post in this thread and someone will hopefully offer feedback :023: