How to post or use our wikis

Wikis are a great way for the community to collect (and keep up-to-date) information about all sorts of things.

In short:

  • Anyone at Trust Level 1 or higher can edit a Wiki
  • Once you have made an edit, also post the same info/items as a ‘reply’ (so the thread is ‘bumped’)
  • Feel free to include any important info in the first post (the wiki)
  • Feel free to discuss posted items as you would in a normal thread

The wiki owner is notified when a change has been made to a wiki, and the wiki owner is usually the person in charge of the wiki (so tries to keep the first post updated with all of the most important stuff that may get posted in the thread or they find independently).

Benefits of a forum wiki

The great thing about wikis on a forum is that they posses all of the benefits of a normal thread - so whenever a new reply is posted the wiki is ‘bumped’ on our list of the most recently active threads just like any other thread. This is great as it means more people may get to see the thread and/or participate.

How to post a wiki

First run your idea for a wiki by us in this thread, then if it’s agreed it may be a good idea please proceed to create your thread in this section and we’ll turn it into a wiki.

Please look through the other wikis to get an idea of what sort of information you might want to include.

What happens if I no longer have time to look after a wiki?

Just let us know and we can assign it to someone else :slight_smile:

What kind of topics are suited to a forum wiki?

  • Topics/info that forum members/Elixirists might find helpful
  • Situations where you feel forum members may be able to help
  • Situations where you feel being frequently ‘visible’ (through new replies bumping the thread) will be beneficial

Wiki contents

This may vary depending on the topic, but usually wikis consist of:

  • Some basic info
  • Basic set-up instructions (if applicable)
  • Links to good info/blogs/official sites etc
  • Tips or anything else people might find helpful

Any questions please let us know in this thread :023:


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I came here today to see if there was one for deployments, and if not what it would take to create one. Is the process basically create a post, and then someone else tags it to make it a wiki?

We’ve got one here: Elixir Deployment Tools - General Discussion, Blog Posts, Wiki

Edit: We now have a dedicated section for #elixir-questions:deployment :023:

What do you think about a solution for my Security: HTTPS, WSS, PFS and E2EE with Phoenix framework thread? I think it could be useful for new Phoenix developers.

Ok, have made it a wiki for you - please go ahead and add all the main/relevant info to the first post :003:


@AstonJ: Thanks
I edited my first post.
Is it good now?

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Yup - looks great @Eiji :023: