How to pronounce José's name - and yours?

I hear people pronounce José’s name in usually one of two ways - Jo-sey, or Ho-sey (or a slight variant) and there was also a recent discussion on how to pronounce @michalmuskala’s name. I’m also curious whether we are pronouncing @sasajuric’s name correctly!

So for those of you curious too, here’s how you pronounce José’s name:

@michalmuskala and @sasajuric can you put us out of our misery too please?

And what about the rest of you? Do you have a name that people don’t know how to pronounce or often pronounce wrong? If so please let us know here! :003:


Sure :slight_smile:

My first name is pronounced as Sasha (, and the last name approximately as You-rich.


I’m going to jump in on behalf of Michał and say you pronounce his full name as

Me-how Moose-cow-ah