How to properly run tests on an umbrella project

I have recently started to follow a tutorial on how to make an umbrella project.

In the tutorial, the author says running the command mix test at root umbrella directory would run all tests in the children projects, however when I do so, no tests are executed.

I’m following this tutorial by the way: Create an Elixir umbrella project containing a phoenix app and build a release with Distillery | by Bruce Pomeroy | Medium

Anyone could tell me if this is a valid totorial?

Hi @leorodriguesrj :wave: And welcome to the community!

I haven’t go through that tutorial, but something worth to check is: test files are named as <filename>_test.exs?

Invoking mix test from the command line will run the tests in each file matching the pattern *_test.exs found in the test directory of your project./

see ExUnit

Oh Hi! I just found the mistake I made! I created the child apps outside of the “apps” folder in the umbrella project. But thanks for the reply anyway!