How to reset back elixir "priv/gettext/en" .po files

In a fresh Phoenix project we have from start priv/gettext/errors.pot and priv/gettext/en/LC_MESSAGES/errors.po.

Running mix gettext.extract --merge add default.pot and default.po into the right paths.

However after deleting all priv/gettext folder content, running again mix gettext.extract --merge seems to only create .pot files and no .po files, even if there are new translations in the project.

I’m facing the same issue with umbrella project in a non Phoenix app. Running mix gettext.extract --merge only create .pot files.

Please what am I missing ?
I just need very basic .po files to be generated for en locale, so I can create from them the other locales folders (by copying en folder and renaming it for example to fr…).

Of course if there is also a way to have all locales folders and thheir .po files to be automatically generated, I will take it. ^^

After many attempts, I managed getting the .po files generated when running the mix task.

I ended up by understanding that I have to create by hand en/LC_MESSAGES folder.
Same for any locale I need to use: fr/LC_MESSAGES.

But for Phoenix errors.pot file which I deleted, I was forced to take it from another project. This is probably because it contains dynamic translations that can’t be statically extracted.