How to return a specific object (not last one) in a Ecto.Multi chain

I have this:

|> Multi.insert(:record, record_changeset)
|>, fn %{record: record} ->
  Books.update_book(Books.get_book!(book.book_id), %{status: 0, record_id:})
|> Repo.transaction()

This returns the book object but I want it to return the record object (from previous step), how to do that? Thank you.

I haven’t done this, but you can give an optional 2nd param to Multi.insert with a returning: true keyword which should cause the inserted Ecto struct to be returned. It should be part of the return value of the Multi under the :record key

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When you run Repo.transaction(), your Multi runs. This will return a map like this:

%{:ok, %{record: record, update_book: result}}

You can use this tuple un an case. For example check this post:

This example does not apply to your actual code.

Hope this helps.

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@gregvaughn, @joaquinalcerro, thank you very much. What worked was @joaquinalcerro suggestion.

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