How to run Erlog inside IEX

In case anyone is interested:

  • Add erlog to your mix.exs file, in the application/0 public function. Example:
  def application do
    [applications: [:logger, :erlog]]
  • Add erlog to your mix.exs file, in the deps/0 private function. Example:
  defp deps do
      {:erlog, github: "rvirding/erlog"}
  • Command line: run mix deps.get
  • Command line: run mix deps.compile
  • Command line: run iex -S mix
  • You should be able to invoke :erlog, :erlog_server, :erlog_shell etc. functions from inside the IEx shell (there are 16 modules actually)

@AstonJ Not sure if that’s worthy of a Wiki, you decide.

@rvirding / @josevalim For your reference. Looks like if the Erlang project is “done right” (example for “not done right” here: Using Erlang library with Elixir - Stack Overflow), it’s a pretty straightforward process.


Thanks for the great follow-up. I’m going to try this in a Phoenix app.

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