How to save and load models using Axon/Nx

Hi all,

I took a look around the Axon and Nx codebases trying to determine how a model can be saved to a file and later imported.

I am referring to this behavior:

My intended use case is to train the model locally, export the model to a file, and then upload it to the production server that can then use it (no training in the cloud).

I understand Axon/Nx are in their early days so just wondering if this can be done yet, if so, how?

(If I had to guess this should be a priority but I’m not sure where it falls on that immediate list.)

There is but it is early on.

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This link is currently not working. Is the repository maybe still set to ‘private’?

Oh, apparently it is private, so definitely not ready. Sorry about that.

Closed on request of the OP.