How to see the request parameters in the log for graphql requests


How can I see the parameter sent on a GraphQL request in the log.

Currently what I see is the default:

19:00:31.213 request_id=FkECzzAkGSS3rL4AEYdC [info] Sent 200 in 3ms
19:00:31.283 request_id=FkECzzSILoydrPwAEYei [info] POST /api/graphql
19:00:31.284 request_id=FkECzzSSSZhT3kQAHYlB [info] POST /api/graphql

I am troubleshooting an issue with this POST /api/graphql requests keeps happening multiple times and couldn’t figure out which graphql request. How can set the logger configuration to display more info about the request?