How to set up the Elixir SDK in Intellij IDEA with the intellij-elixir plugin?


Sorry for this astonishing simple question, but I’m really stuck. I try to set up the intellij-elixir plugin, but I don’t know how I can configure my Elixir SDK.

So the question is, for what is intellij-elixir looking for?

I’ve also tried /usr/bin, where the sym-link to the binary is.

I’m on ArchLinux.

Thank you for any help!

It’s looking for your erlang installation directory. :slight_smile:

Elixir is just a new front-end syntax and a set of awesome tools on the normal BEAM VM (just like scala or clojure on the JVM), and as such it needs to know the location of the VM itself, which is with erlang. :slight_smile:


Seems the installation directory depends on whether Erlang was was installed via pacman (usr/bin) or an Erlang Solutions download (usr/local/bin)

Thank you very much! It worked when I pointed it to /usr/lib/erlang :slight_smile:


I really wish that plug-in was asdf aware. Since so many people recommend that approach to install Elixir, Erlang and Node for a project it would really simplify things.


Sounds like you should submit an Issue ticket or a PR? :wink:

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Already a couple:

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Then I’d also recommend poking them in their thread on these forums too so it gives the issue more visibility. ^.^

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offical link intellij-elixir
Now support, already use