How to suppress nested dialyzer warning?

I’m trying to suppress the dialyzer warning “function invoke/2 has no local return”.

I can do it with @dialyzer {:no_return, invoke: 2}.
However, every function that has invoke/2 in the stack trace still has a warning (including other modules)

  # Dialyzer warning: Function save_image/1 has no local return
  def save_image(payload) do
    invoke("save-image", payload)

  # Dialyzer warning: Function save_video/1 has no local return
  def save_video(payload) do
    invoke("save-video", payload)

  @dialyzer {:no_return, invoke: 2}
  defp invoke(arn, payload) do
    ExAws.Lambda.invoke(arn, payload, "no_context") |> ExAws.request()

Is it possible to override typespecs or suppress the warning for all functions that has invoke/2 in the stack trace?