How to test the google auth token

I already have google auth in my front(react) that returns to me:
access_token, expires_in, id_token, login_hint, scope, session_state.
All that data that google returns to my front. Now I just want to verify if this token its right. I know I can do it via this endpoint:
But, it is another way via any hex ?

An ID Token is digitally signed and usually doesn’t require calling back a service to determine whether it is valid or not. Instead the signature can be verified locally, using the keys published by Google (see the jwks member of

There are some libraries such as JOSE, Joken or OpenIDConnect which can be used to verify the signature.

I have also not long ago released Plugoid which relies on the OIDC library, which has an ID Token verification function (OIDC.IDToken.verify/3).