How to track device registration tokens?

I created a table to track the registeration tokens,

mix phx.gen.context Firebase Token tokens user_id:references:users token_id:string

And I need to track the tokens, so how do I send the tokens from the android app to the server,

and is there any library that tracks the tokens?

Here’s what I’m doing:

  • Sign the user in with email/password,
  • On success, return an API key that is associated with the user,
  • Store the API key in the device’s secure storage,
  • Send the device token to the backend (authenticate with the API key),
  • Fetch the user based on the API key, store the device token,
  • When Firebase says the device token is invalid, mark the device token as unregistered (delete it or set a flag).
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Great but is it guaranteed that when a device token becomes invalid that it is no longer needed?

I think that when a token becomes invalid, you can throw it away. The mobile app will have to send a new token if the backend wants to push the notifications. See the docs for more details on managing tokens.

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