How to trigger phx_submit event when a phx_change event is triggered as well?

I have a form with both a phx_submit event and a phx_change event (using phx_debounce: blur on all fields).

Now if I change a field and then click on the submit button, only the phx_change event is triggered.
How can I trigger the phx_submit event in this scenario (while keeping the phx_debounce_blur option for the changes)?

Only if click on the submit button when nothing has actually changed, the phx_submit event is triggered.

Nobody knows an answer?
A form with both a phx_submit and a phx_change event must be a a very common situation. Am I the only one who experiences a problem here?

I am intrigued, but I do not know the answer, could you perhaps share a little bit of the code to demonstrate the problem?