How to upload images to a phoenix API app

Hello guys, sorry for asking again as another topic was opened but anyone got an idea of what should be the best way to handle image upload with phoenix api ?
As I have my front end from an elm app the documentation is not very relevant.
Also I do not want to use a base64 encode to send the content of the image it is really a bad way of handling them so I thought maybe to handle the binary of the image but I’m a little bit stuck on it and the way to save it in local.

Thank you a lot for your time and sorry to bother you with that.

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take a look at - an updated fork of arc…

depending on elm etc you might need to base64 encode them - but shouldn’t be much of a problem…


Thanks a lot mate !

I wasn’t understanding how arc was depreciated and not maintained as it was a great solution to handle medias with elixir and ecto… You resolved a two days struggle :stuck_out_tongue: !