How to use curl as input in elixir script?


I am totally new in phoenix, elixir, and ecto. I have been studying for a week about basics and all, so far I’m quite amazed and confused at the same time. Anyway, my problem is this, I have a curl request which is:

-H ‘Content-Type: application/json; charset=utf-8’
-d ‘{“ticket”: 1, “ver”: “”, “os”: “android”}’

I want to use the values of the variables “ticket”, “ver” and “os” as an input in my elixir/ecto script which will query in a remote database. (values is changing each request)

I’m sorry for my question if its a little confusing. Please feel free to ask questions so that I can clarify things. And also I want to know it it truly possible.

Any suggestions, help, links and ideas are welcome. I want to eagerly learn this. Thank you.


How do you plan to use curl from within the elixir app? If it’s

System.cmd("curl", ~w[
  -H 'Content-Type: application/json; charset=utf-8'
  -d '{"ticket": #{ticket}, "ver": "#{version}", "os": "#{os}"}'

then you can #{interpolate} your variables like this.

However, I’d suggest looking into http clients in elixir/erlang, like :httpoison to make http requests instead of curl.


While it is possible to use curl from Elixir directly, it seems like what you actually want to do, is to perform a remote HTTP request and read the results.
Instead of manually using curl, I suggest using a HTTP client library such as HTTPoison, which does much of the request/response parsing and error handling for you.


And now, here I am, understanding it completely different than @idi527 and @Qqwy did…

For me, it seems as if you want to a webserver that actually receives the curl request.

In this case, take a look at phoenix and/or plug.


Hi @Qqwy @NobbZ @idiot,

I am so sorry for my late response. Just an update:

Based on the research I’ve made and the ideas and suggestions you’ve given me, I now have a simple elixir app where in it accepts a request like:

curl “http://localhost:8085/pass” -H Content-Type: application/json; charset=utf-8’ -d '{“ticket”: 1, “ver”: “1”, “os”: “1”}'

and the output is:

ticket: 1, ver:, os: ios

SQL Query = select * from database where ticket= 1 AND ver= 1 AND os= 1

Thank you for all your help, ideas and suggestions. together with this link

It really helped me alot.

My next step now is to connect to a database and query the statement using elixir/ecto. However, it is another topic.

Once again. Thank you.