How to use mutate_with in Explorer?

I’m experimenting with Explorer and wondering if it’s possible to use arbitrary functions with mutate_with/2. I haven’t been able to express certain operations, like the one below, using lazy data frames, so I ended up using put/3 as suggested in the documentation. My understanding of Explorer and lazy evaluation is limited, and I’m not sure what is meant by “If your mutation cannot be expressed with lazy dataframes” - what is required of the function passed to mutate_with/2 for the resulting dataframe to be lazy? Additionally, is it possible to convert the expression below to use piping? I apologize for the novice questions - I’m used to working with dplyr in R, where the mutate function isn’t as picky.

DF.put(df, :ints, Explorer.Series.transform(df[:ints], &Statistics.Distributions.Normal.rand(&1, 1)))