How to use NIFs

Hey guys. Sorry for the silly question but just wanna know if there’s an official guide for using NIFs to call C libraries from Elixir.

Many thanks in advance!

You can look at erlang NIF example Erlang NIF
Here’s how you create a Elixir NIF module

defmodule Example do
  @on_load :init

  def init do
    ok = :erlang.load_nif("./complex6_nif", 0).
  # The functions below should be be exported from the NIF. Refer the documentation.
  def foo(_x), do: exit(:nif_not_loaded)

  def bar(_y), do: exit(:nif_not_loaded)

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For calling C libraries, you may also want to check out Zigler which allows inline nif creation with Zig.