How to use postgrex interval datatype

Hey fellow learners,

I have a field called estimated_hours in one of my Ash resource called tasks. I want the datatype of this field to be Postgres interval. I want to calculate how many hours does user wants to complete a task and i will also calculate the sum of these estimated hours.

I found the documentation below from Hex Docs:

I have also searched for Postgres interval datatype and went through the below tutorial.

However, I couldn’t figure out how to apply it in my Ash resource.

Please help me to find out how I can do it.


So in Ash, the primary drive for this would be a custom type. Something like:

defmodule MyApp.Interval do
  use Ash.Type

  def storage_type(_), do: :interval # you'll have to experiment with what the appropriate storage_type is here

  # define cast_input, cast_stored, dump_to_native

I haven’t wrapped a built in Postgrex type in quite some time, but take a look at the docs for Ash.Type for info on defining a custom type, that may be enough to get it over the line :+1:

Thank you for replying. I will try to add custom type.