How to use Quantum?

Am new to Elixir and i need help how to schedule a task…

defmodule PluralsightTweet.Scheduler do
  def schedule_file(schedule, file) do
    Quantum.add_job(schedule, fn -> IO.puts PluralsightTweet.FileReader.get_strings_to_tweet(file) end)

this is the error am getting:

Quantum.add_job("* * * * * * “, fn-> IO.puts “test” end)
** (UndefinedFunctionError) function Quantum.add_job/2 is undefined or private
(quantum) Quantum.add_job(”
* * * * * *", #Function<20.99386804/0 in :erl_eval.expr/5>)

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That’s not how you must use Quantum, follow their documentation on:

More details:

  • Quantum.add_job/2 is not a function, maybe what you mean is Quantum.Scheduler.add_job/2
  • Quantum.Scheduler.add_job/2 is not a function also, and yes a callback that should be defined by the modules that use @behaviour Quantum.Scheduler

My impression is that you may be confusing what the lib quantum really is. It’s not a job scheduler like, for example, sidekiq, what it does is something like what the command line tool cron does, scheduling recurrent executions.

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By scheduling you mean running it once in the future or recurrently?