How to use the Blogs Section

Elixir Blog Posts

How to use this section

You can post links to your blog posts either in one of the Official Blog Posts threads, or, via If you post via Devtalk we will automatically cross-post your blog post here in our Blog Posts section for each blog post (so one thread for each blog post) so long as you have an account with the same username and primary email address on both forums. We also remove the rel-nofollow attribute when your link appears on our homepage on Devtalk, so great for your SEO! :wink:

If posting via Devtalk be sure to:

  • Ensure your account on Devtalk has the same username and primary email as your account here
  • On the thread creation page paste the URL of your blog post in the TITLE field (once it registers you can then change the title to whatever you like - you’ll know it has registered once the url appears in the post content area)
  • Include a short summary of your blog post then post the link on a separate line (here’s an example)
  • Include the Elixir and blog-post tags

Please see this announcement for the full details: Calling all BEAM Bloggers!