How to use the console help (h) in iex for a phoenix project

If I CD into a phoenix project and do:


I get the help text.

If I do the same for a phoenix module it does not return the selected module.

How do I use the “h” (help) feature with a phoenix project so that I can see the help text for a selected module?

When I CD into a phoenix directory and (for example) do:


I just get an error stating that it could not load the module.

If anyone can tell me what I am doing wrong it would be appreciated.

Thank you.

Do you mean modules the you wrote? What problem are you trying to solve?

I have a generated phoenix app. I just want to use the “h” feature so I don’t need to track down files to see the help.

There is nothing more to it

Ok so you just do

h Phoenix.Module like you would anything else in iex

Thanks for the help

Glad I could help

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I updated the question to be more clear.

So you run iex -S mix and then it will work in iex

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Ignore this question. For some reason it just “works” now. Not sure what I was doing wrong.

I am having trouble getting the module docs for any module that is a child.

defmodule AppWeb.PageLive do
    @moduledoc """
  This is the web interface for the testbed application.
  This is where the HTML is rendered and CSS is applied. 
  Code here moves data to and from the database. Interactive user event code is written here.

If I write the following command the module docs do not appear. Any idea why?

iex -S mix

h AppWeb.PageLive

If I apply the help function to only the parent module it works, but I only get the parent docs, such as:

h App

Can you show the output from the comand?
Is it like this: Could not load module ExampleAppWeb.ClickChannel, got: nofile

Sorry for the miscommunication. I have it working.