How to use the How… section

What is this section for?

This section is to act as a type of glossary - one that people can browse when learning Elixir :smiley:

It’s also a section where you can refresh or reinforce what you’ve learnt because explaining something to someone else helps you better understand the topic yourself, so it’s a win for everyone!

There are two types of threads we’ll see here most, glossary-type threads and discussion-type threads:

  • HWY Explain:
  • HWY Create:
  • HWY Tackle:
  • HWY Approach:
  • HDY… (How do you…)
  • HAY… (How are you…)

How to start a new thread

Please stick to the following format for titles:

  • How would you explain __________ to a newbie?
  • How would you create …?
  • How would you tackle …?
  • How would you approach …?
  • How do you …?
  • How are you …?

In the body of your post please include enough information so that users get enough of an idea of what they need to do to respond. Here are two examples:

A How would you explain type thread:

How would you explain the Actor model to a newbie?

The Actor model is synonymous with Elixir/Erlang - so if a newbie asked you about it, how would you explain it to them in a way that is easy to understand?

A How are you building type thread’:

How are you building apps with Phoenix in 2022?

I think a lot of people might be interested in this - what is your preferred way to use Phoenix in 2022?

How to reply to these threads

The idea is to explain things in your own words in an easy to understand way :smiley:

Part of the reason for this is because everyone has their own way of explaining things and the way you might explain something could be perfect to help somebody understand that topic, whereas the way someone else explains something might help someone else. Supplementary info/links/vids/quotes are fine so long as they are supplementary - the key is to explain things in your own words. See the replies to this thread to see what we mean :023: