How to write general documentation?

Hey, I’d like to write documentation for these use-cases:

  • An Elixir API
  • General tutorials, how-to guides and motivations. For example “how to deploy” or “how to do X” guides.

I might be wrong, but it seems hexdocs is focused on writing documentation for the Elixir code.

I looked at bureaucrat which uses slate to automatically generate docs for the REST API. This seems quite good, but it’s written in Ruby and then I’d have some documentation in hexdocs and the rest in another system.

So my question is, how do you write general documentation? And is there a solid alternative to slate that’s written in Elixir? It would be great to have it all in one system.

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Hexdocs can generate output for arbitrary files - for instance, take a look at how Ecto includes guides:

Those wind up looking like this in the resulting generated HTML.

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Thank you, that’s useful. It doesn’t solve documenting a REST API in a very good way though.