HOWTO: Create sortable liveviews with load more button

Hi all,

I did a sample project on how to add a “Load more” button and sorting in liveview tables:

micdahl/phoenix_raise (

I also wrote a blog post for this: Phoenix LiveView: Load More Button und Sortierung - Michael Dahl. It’s in German, but if there is any interest I might translate it to english, too.

Have fun with it, I hope it’s usefull for anyone.

Contributions to Christian Alexander, whose post Efficient bidirectional infinite scroll in Phoenix LiveView - DEV Community did help me a lot to find things out.


My browser just prompted me to display in English so no need for an English version for me. :slight_smile:

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Did you get along with it? If there is anything not understandable or the code can be enhanced, I appreciate any feedback!

Ah just read it but did not try the code. Will take it for a spin.

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