HowTo: Livebooks embedded in Phoenix App?

Not sure which category to choose (phoenix? livebook? sorry…).

What I want to achieve is this:

  1. I have a fresh phoenix app, and programm appy things as usual
  2. I want to have admin-tasks (fetch/calculate/print some data from the app) in a few livebooks
  3. I want some quick visualizations (like pie chart about user signups/actions taken, …), as I found it this is not possible to do in a livebook when also linked to a running beam node, but I could install Kino deps in the main app in my case
  4. I would like to have the exdoc compiled/embedded on deploy, too… so it can also be bundled in the app itself (with some auth in front)
  5. livebooks can be embedded within exdoc as I have seen somewhere, so having these interactive tools right next to docs/explanations is ideal
  6. connection host would be localhost directly I guess?
  7. if it matters, deployment is done on
  8. Bonus points: the new phoenix_storybook is just the same in terms of embedding, right? I’d like to have that, too!

… is this feasible? I’d really like to maximize the utility/value of the phoenix app with all the awesome adjacent tools of the elixir ecosystem in one place. I have done the embedded-exdoc part in a previous project years ago, but the direct livebook integration is a new thing for me