Html content is not reflecting in my sendgrid template

i need help in how to use the html content in SendGrid template

  __phoenix_layout__: nil,
  __phoenix_view__: nil,
  attachments: nil,
  bcc: nil,
  cc: nil,
  content: [
    %{type: "text/html", value: "<div>Hello Aadarsh</div>"},
  custom_args: nil,
  dynamic_template_data: %{"subject" => "testing Sendgrid"},
  from: %{email: "<>"},
  headers: nil,
  personalizations: nil,
  reply_to: nil,
  sandbox: false,
  send_at: nil,
  subject: nil,
  substitutions: nil,
  template_id: "d-3de34187585d453aad8da7cfffjfdkjgjc",
  to: [%{email: ""}]

the content of my SendGrid email object is not reflecting on the email body. how should i insert it in the body.
any solution like the way we use dynamic data using {{my_name}}

what should i do so that the content of my SendGrid.Email object got in the template