Httpoison / formdata issues uploading to google drive

Currently trying to upload files with formdata, having finding out what goes wrong with the following :

form = [
    {"form-data", [name: "upload", filename: "myfile.txt"]},
    ["Content-Type": "text/plain"]
  {:multipart, form},
  [Authorization: "xyz"],

The thing gets uploaded over there at google drive. But all files are “corrupted”.

Here’s the kind of content of what is received (it should be a readable file, but looks like the ‘raw’ body lands over there) :

content-length: 47
content-type: application/octet-stream
content-disposition: form-data; name=file; filename=a_file_name.txt

Something you fetched and now have it in memory

Googled around, found quite a bunch of topics around formdata with httpoison; looks like building the payload is quite difficult.
Does the code looks ok ? As I’m learning, I’m unsure if if need to investigate further in the formdata/httpoison side, or if it is related to the google drive api

Thanks a lot if any clues