Hush - Configure your Elixir Applications Securely

Today I am happy to announce Hush, the simplest way to inject secrets into your app configuration.

Hush was purpose built to solve a common use case for projects that require secrets and want to inject them in a secure way without having to depend on secret files or hardcoded configuration.

You can read the full announcement in the blog post.


This looks great! I can think of a few places where I would have used this in the last couple of years. Thank you for the work!


This looks very interesting, thank you for sharing!
I looked at example app but it does not use different mix environment configs like dev.exs and test.exs so maybe I am not seeing exactly how to use. I am very interested in this for supporting releases and local development. Mostly, for local dev work, I read values from OS ENV and for production running would use secure parameter store like AWS SSM. Maybe other people too would find such an example in sample app useful?

I am very excite to try!