I am available as a Mid Elixir Dev experience required


I am looking to get a leg up in the Elixir development. I currently work as a PHP full stack dev, but use Elixir for personal projects. However, I don’t have industry experience and I feel this may be hurting my chances of getting employment.

Are there any companies in Australia or worldwide willing to work remotely with someone in UTC+11 timezone? Direct message me for more information.

I am classing myself as mid in the elixir space, but I have 15 years of web development behind me and I am confident that I can go a long way beyond be a middle of the road elixir developer.

All the best…


I’m about to start my first Elixir job (woo!) having had no prior professional experience and I did so by checking the job postings almost daily on this very forum!

There are actually a fair number of jobs that pop in all different time zones.