I had to reinstall elixir and erlang and now all of my elixir commands in cmd return an empty line

This isn’t the first time I have had issues downloading/installing elixir. Last time it was a path issue and while setting up the Paths I accidentally deleted all of them but I used echo to recover what I could and made sure I have the elixir, erlang, and erts bins in my path. It isn’t giving me any error messages so I will leave an example of what it’s returning and I will take any help I can get. Ask as many questions as you need and I appreciate any help you guys want to give me.

Microsoft Windows [Version 10.0.19043.1586]
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C:\Users\TinyB>mix new random

C:\Users\TinyB>elixir -v


Hi, I remembered such problem in some other post.
Maybe this URL will help you, it seems to do with UTF8 versus Windows own codepages.

Sorry for the long response time it took me a while to understand that post, it doesnt appear to be a UTF-8 issue from what I can tell because even there they get more info than I get from elixir commands and I set my cmd to UTF-8 and it did nothiing, I did find another string cursed by bad response times from people. I dont know if this will help I posted there too

Elixir install already setups paths for you. Uninstall Elixir, uninstall Erlang and install Elixir.

I’ve reinstalled it multiple times it could be a problem with paths related to windows rather than elixir

By “it” do you mean just Elixir? Do what I said in this order. Uninstall Elixir, uninstall Erlang (VERY important and it’s not uninstalled when you uninstall Elixir) then install Elixir again. When I’ve gotten Elixir broken on my Windows 10 computer reinstalling Elixir didn’t work. I had to uninstall Erlang as well.