I have a problem when LiveJson.initializing mount in live_json

Let me explain:
In my channel I want to use the library

but when I execute

def mount(_params, _, socket) do
  data = get_your_data()

    |> LiveJson.initialize("dataviz", data)

then I get the following error

14:20:33.810 [error] CRASH REPORT Process <0.1188.0> with 0 neighbors crashed with reason: no function clause matching 'Elixir.Phoenix.LiveView. Utils':assign(#{'__struct__' => 'Elixir.Phoenix.Socket',assigns => #{absinthe => #{opts => [{context,#{current_user => ...,...}}]}},...}, ljdataviz, #{})

Maybe someone has encountered something like this, thanks!

Are you trying to use it in a channel rather than a live view? You should be passing a live view socket, not a phoenix socket.

Can you provide an example of use? Thank you

I will provide more information.
I have one socket and it has two channels, that is, one should use use Phoenix.Socket and the other should use Phoenix.LiveView.Socket, am I right? is this the problem? Thanks

There is not enough information in this thread to solve the problem.

The dependency you are using are very loose with version requirements towards phoenix_live_view. {:phoenix_live_view, ">= 0.16.0", allow_pre: true}

So it could be a version issue also, but it would be better if you would create an example repo where you demonstrate the problem so it can be inspected.