I know the basics of programming - how should I learn Elixir?

Hi.I recently found Elixir and I decided to learn this new language.However,I am not an expert when it comes to programming. I know the basics about this subject,mostly from my engagement with C and C++.What do you suggest me to do?Will I be able to understand elixir from the zero ?Is there any programming language which is more acknowledged to the general public(material is more easily accessible)to study before moving to Elixir?
Thank you for your time.Your ansewer will be very helpful and boostful for my exploratin the interesting world of Eilxir.

With kindness.

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First of all, language is called Elixir, not Elxir. You will definitely understand Elixir if you are going study it. I’d suggest starting with elixirschool.com or elixir-lang.org as an entry point