I’m Abhijit, with 7 years of experience in Front End web development and some in Socket.IO. Looking for Elixir & Phoenix opportunity

Name: Abhijit Kar
Location: India
Prefer: Remote
Experience: 7+ Years
Languages: JavaScript (7+ years)
Interested in: Elixir + Phoenix
Area of Expertise: Front End Web Development with React.
GitHub: derpycoder (Abhijit Kar ツ) · GitHub

I am passionate about web development.

I have 5 years of experience with Reactjs.
2 years of Socket.IO and Nodejs.

I have worked on 10 projects in front end. 3 in Virtual Reality in Unity.
I have owned my presence tracking distributed Node application and helped several projects implement its front end!

I started learning Phoenix framework few months back and I would like to work in a company that uses it.

P.S. I haven not taken any Elixir course yet, as I’m saving for it. I have already completed a course on Phoenix LiveView by Pragmatic Studio.

P.P.S. I took down both sites I owned where I showcased my work, because I’m in the process of making a Phoenix based portfolio, which is a private repo as of now!

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