I made a chess FEN string generator (with Tensorflow 2.5)

It can generate a FEN string, and a board representation of the chess board image you upload. The model isn’t perfect though. It works best with images from here, and here.

There’s not that much utility to this atm, but I got to try out poolboy, GenServer, and port! The code is also pretty bad so please feel free to add comments on how I can make it better. :smiley:

Source: GitHub - hsek/fen_gen: Generate Forsyth-Edward notations from chess board images

Tech stack

  • Phoenix
  • LiveView
  • Surface UI
  • TailwindCSS
  • Tensorflow 2.5

Had lots of fun with this. Though it might be overkill for how it is right now.


I deployed it just in case anyone wants to tinker with it. :smiley:


Edit: Not sure why I can’t edit the original post, but I since then changed my username so here’s the new one: GitHub - hsekun/fen_gen: A FEN string generator.

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