I made a small Twitch "channel follow time" finder

Link: Mikko Ahlroth / peliturbiini-followed-since · GitLab

I made a small app with Plug that exposes one endpoint for finding out how long a Twitch user has followed the configured Twitch channel. It takes in the user’s name, queries for the user ID and then queries the API for the follow time (from the user’s follow list). It includes a Limiter GenServer that only sends 1 request per second at maximum to avoid overrunning Twitch’s API limits.

The reason I posted it here is that it’s first time using the following things: 1) Plug, 2) supervisors, and 3) Distillery releases. So if you notice something that’s not idiomatic, please let me know how you’d write it instead. :slight_smile: And maybe it can be useful for someone at least as a template of a small Plug app.