I open sourced my SaaS project (radiopush.app) made with Liveview and Surface

If you like it, please show your support

Made with

  • Elixir
  • Phoenix
  • Liveview
  • Surface
  • Spotify API


  • Clean/Onion/Hex Architecture
  • DDD
  • CQRS (tried)

So why I created Radiopush?

I love music, and using Spotify changed my life, but being exposed to so many songs and albums made me confused. While Spotify mixes are a fantastic way to explore new music I missed the human touch, the excitement of sharing a new song with a friend, and celebrating a shared passion for some crazy band that only a few knows.

It’s open-source

This project is for the community, and that’s why all the source code is open (GitHub - puemos/radiopush: Create communities and share songs with Spotify users (https://radiopush.app)). It’s not about the money, I did it because I wanted to use it, I just hope enough people will join the platform so I can discover more music :slight_smile:

What you can do:

  • Login with Spotify for maximum security (no need to register)
  • Create private channels to share with close friends
  • Make public channels to share with the world your amazing taste in music
  • Post songs with Spotify links
  • Preview the songs from the platform
  • Add reactions
  • (Coming soon) Add songs to your Spotify playlists



I will love to get feedback about the architecture of the project.

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Thanks a lot for open sourcing your project! :heart:

I’m not very familiar with Clean/Onion/Hex Architecture, DDD, CQRS, but I found your code very organized and easy to follow.

How did you learn/get started with these patterns and do you recommend any reading materials?



I have created a similar app but based on YouTube, for a group of friends.
I hope we can share our idea to improve the overall app :slight_smile:

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Hey, thanks for sharing!
I wonder what parts make this a “SaaS project” rather than a social media app?

I guess you’re right, it might be more accurate than saas, even though any social media is offering it’s software as a service.

Honestly, many different sources, I’ll try to collect and list them here

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Thanks to the India legislation, we have a clear definition of social media now:

See Definition 2.w. the tl;dr is if you have more than one user and the users can interact, you are social.

Not trying to be picky. I mean, a SaaS web-app usually has some kind of commercial subscription and integration with payment systems.
Do you plan to add such features?

Fair point, honestly I don’t care… :slight_smile:

Looks really nice!

Do you mind sharing where is it hosted (provider, region) and maybe a few words about the infrastructure that it is running on?


  • Gigalixir (app+db)
  • Free tire
  • Deploy with Github actions