I want to make the Anti-Discord. Thoughts?

I want to use Elixir to standardize our military chats and create a next-gen COMs system. Link: https://unum.nsin.us/xviii-airborne/customObject/viewCustomObject/b41984522698

This is my own work, and I studied natural languages before starting this project. One of my key design improvements over video game and social media chats is specialized, contextual chats which provide features, processes, workflows, and tools specifically designed for the context and goal of the chat as part of an organizational structure. My specialized chats include Leadership, Dissemination, Task, DM (although DMs have existed since the beginning of the internet), and Consensus. Also a 911 Emergency Alert chat. Thoughts?

IMO we communicate more effectively with a specialized chat than with a wall of emojis. :wink:


Not gonna lie, it surprises me to discover that our military is using social media for communications. I thought you already had secure communications platforms.


I won’t say too much about it, but you can probably guess what it’s like.


Yes, if the conversations are tied to social media, I suspect I know exactly what it’s like. A secured, internal platform separate from social media seems like a critical piece of communications infrastructure for a number of reasons.


Has anyone seen contextualized chats before as described in my first post? e.g. Leadership, Dissemination, Task, DM, Consensus. Is someone interested in helping me develop them? I have a few basic designs.

I always wanted to [help] develop something like this but alas, the one and only time I was in contact with the local military they felt like 1100 EUR was an adequate salary so I just left flabbergasted and never called them again.

There’s plenty to do and I believe a successful military chat app ecosystem can gradually grow out of its niche and enrich the wider ecosystem (like it happened with the original DARPANet).


I know what you mean.

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But paying 100 EUR for a simple screw, bolt or nut in a truck to get a 50 year guarantee of delivery (which the supplier usually doesn’t even hold).


Yep, in the end it’s all about higher-ups lining their pockets, as usual.

I do wish any and all military projects for better IT tools and infrastructure the best of luck. :heart:

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For example, a Consensus Chat (C-Chat).

  1. A Leadership position comes available and the new leader will be determined by a group consensus.
  2. Moderator sets parameters for the consensus request such as 24 hour discussion duration and selects eligible candidates.
  3. Moderator requests consensus from the group by disseminating the consensus request into the C-Chat. The C-Chat starts the workflow and the discussion timer begins.
  4. Group discussion is open for 24 hours. After 24 hours the C-Chat ends the discussion.
  5. The group uses the C-Chat to vote on eligible candidates.
  6. The new leader is elected based on the results.

The C-Chat has a built-in workflow that is goal oriented, which is what I mean by specialized or contextualized. And the workflow/parameters for consensus can be more complex than what I described.